Fairmont Travel established in 2008 is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in Kuwait. Since inception, Fairmont has earned a reputation for successfully serving the needs of its clients. The key to the steady growth lies in the company’s firm commitment in offering value in terms of cost effectiveness, quality service and reliability. All these qualities and more have helped sustain the long-term stability and development of Fairmont’s business relationships.

Fairmont provides a host innovative and value added services ranging from travel, hotel, car rental to chartered flights and account management. Fairmont’s team comprises of hand picked qualified professionals with wealth of international experience.

Executive Summary

Middle East is a growth region for travel management services, particularly in the corporate travel sector, therefore, Fairmont focuses on perfecting travel management services for the region.

Fairmont offers complete transparency in terms of travel management without ‘smoke and mirrors’ that has marred the travel services industry in recent years. Fairmont is a constantly evolving organization whose main objective is not just generating profit, but also to add value to the partnership of its valued clients.

Fairmont today is the smart choice for corporate travel management. What makes Fairmont different is its belief in constantly going the extra mile in providing travel solutions than competitors.