Fairmont views training as the key to managing a successful customer services and is aware that it’s not easy to find professional travel agents in the Kuwait market. Fairmont provides complete training to ensure its staff is well-trained and informed personnel, enabling most efficient services. Fairmont’s training plans ensures customers and clients receives the highest level of service.

Training Programs

Fairmont’s training programs includes but not be limited to the following:

  • Government Contract Fares
  • International Governmental Travel Regulations
  • FTR
  • FAM
  • JFTR
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Internation Standard Customer Service
  • Sabre CRS/GDS Training

Application of corporate rates for:

  • Air
  • Car
  • Hotel
  • Cost Construct
  • Omega World Travel internal orientation

Contract Specific Training

Training begins with a thorough introduction to client airfares for each Travel Consultant involved with the contract. A thorough analysis of the client’s needs, expectations and policies is studied prior to start-up of service. TMO Policy is reviewed and profiled in the computer for easy access each time a reservation is booked.
Each Travel Consultant receives both progressive and recurrent training in all aspects of travel services with scheduled training program, bulletins and briefings. Fairmont believes that having professionally trained Travel Consultants is the best method of ensuring quality service and lowest fares.
Fairmont’s Travel Consultants also receive special travel training on Governmental policies and regulations.