Over the years, Fairmont has developed a set of service and performance standards to meet clients’ performance expectations.

Fairmont’s Telephone Standards

  • Telephone Service Measured Standard
  • Incoming calls within 20 seconds 98% minimum
  • Abandoned calls after 60 seconds 2% maximum
  • Calls placed on hold 7% maximum
  • Average hold time < 1 minute
  • System quotes within 30 minutes 97% minimum
  • Call backs within 30 minutes 70% minimum
  • Call backs within 60 minutes 100%
  • Calls error free 98% minimum
  • Both e-mail and Voicemail quote requests are provided within 30 minutes of receiving the request. Voicemail response time is reported on telephone reports. E-mail is monitored by IT department every 30 minutes.

Compliance and Professional Standards

Fairmont uses a variety of automated and manual processes to ensure lowest fares and rates and compliance with international and professional standards. The most important method for ensuring travel policy compliance is well-trained and experienced Managers- ultimately responsible for policy compliance.

Fairmont’s automated products ensure international travel policies and regulations are followed with tailored CRS/GDS so that client policies are followed automatically when reservations are made.

Fairmont’s Travel Consultants create individual profiles for travelers with built-in quality control checks. These profiles automatically enter specific information into a fare search (such as per diem requirements, restrictions and seat preferences). This ability reduces the number of keystrokes required for reservations by as much as 75% and minimizes data entry errors, thereby enhancing both productivity and quality control. In addition, specific fields are required, thereby ensuring completeness of reservation records for specific management reporting requirements.

During the implementation process, the client’s Account Manager and Project Manager meet with clients to determine the information that is mandatory, the specific travel policies, and exceptions to policy that are allowed and how they should be reported.

Fairmont’s automated QC system is customizable in that it can be pre-programmed to adhere to client contracts and travel policies.

Fairmont’s automated systems not only facilitate the monitoring of travel expenditures against policy, its back-office management information system also captures and reports on any travel that is outside of policy. Reports can be provided to clients prior to travel (pre-trip reports daily or weekly) or on a monthly/quarterly basis as an exception to policy report. These reports are useful in determining patterns for non-compliance of policy and identifying lost savings opportunities.

Fairmont utilizes both manual and automated quality control procedures (for both domestic and international travel) throughout the entire travel process to ensure compliance with travel policy, special fares, the accuracy of reservations, preferred seating, lowest, logical and available published and/or negotiated fare, preferred hotel offering, primary rental car supplier offering and quality service. Although each CRS/GDS system has built-in quality checks at the point of sale and beyond.