Fairmont’s quality assurance, surveillance and controls deliver accurate and timely travel services.

The quality assurance plan provides inspection system for required services required, including methods used in identifying and correcting deficiencies. It also ensures the lowest applicable fares are obtained and prompt, timely, courteous service is provided. Fairmont uses a system of checks and balances through its Quality Control Plan (QCP) that contains the elements identified below to ensure its quality service.

Fairmont ensures lowest refundable fare to ensure clients receive the best value in ticketing and itineraries, and fares are attained and in compliance with contract city-pair fare, making adjustments for any change(s) in flight, train, bus or steamship schedules; modifying or reissuing tickets and billings to reflect any changes; timely notification to customers of changes to tickets/itineraries; and courteous and prompt resolution of customer complaints. Omega World Travel – Kuwait’s automated system ensures reservation accuracy and lowest fares, and rebooking passengers at lower fares or reserving preferred seats if such fares or seats are not available at the first attempted booking. Additionally, Omega World Travel – Kuwait will check all tickets/itineraries for required data and lowest fares, to include those that cannot be checked through the automated system(s).

Fairmont ensures customers are its top priority, receiving the highest service quality possible, with lowest applicable fares in compliance with travel policies and performance standards.

Fairmont’s proprietary MegaAssure automated quality control system continuously checks airline databases 24 hours a day, looking for changes in fares, availabilities and seat assignments. MegaAssure is thus able to capture changes as they occur in airline inventories and immediately apply them to its clients’ reservations records.

MegaAssure checks all records for required elements as well as fares, wait lists, seat assignments, hotel rate, itinerary logic and MIS/IT elements. In addition, Fairmont’s system automatically rebooks lower fares, within travel policy, on the same flight. Policy parameters within the system can also be set to flag out-of-policy status

Quality Control

Fairmont’s Quality Control Department works together with its Reporting Department to ensure 100% accuracy for the required accounting information in each PNR as well as timeliness and scope of internal management information reports. The methods utilized are as follows:

Reporting Department continually reviews data throughout the reporting period to ensure deadlines are met.
Reporting Department completes a final edit on all records prior to final reports being sent to clients. The Department checks key information required to sort and group travel data such as name reference information, employee numbers, department identifiers and reason codes used for exception management reports. If any discrepancies are discovered, the office where the ticket was issued shall be contacted to obtain the correct information.
Fairmont’s automated quality control system, is based on Cornerstone’s technology – iQCx. Using MegaAssure, Fairmont performs numerous quality control checks on every reservation using the following MegaAssure modules:

FareChek: Ensures that the lowest available fare was used at the time of booking. Should a lower fare be located, the Travel Consultant is alerted to ensure that routing and other restrictions are compatible with the traveler’s plans. The system also independently performs daily checks on each existing PNR and searches for new fares that may have been introduced into the GDS by the airlines.
SeatChek: Queries GDS when a preferred seat is not immediately available. Alerts the Travel Consultant if preferred seat assignment becomes available. Looks for best seat availability.
SpaceChek: Automatically books space that becomes available due to cancellations or airline’s yield management.
TripChek: Checks PNR for reasonability and for the integrity of the entire itinerary, including air, hotel and car reservations. The Travel Consultant is alerted in case of a question. Checks for valid form of payment and for ticketing-date validity, including weekends.
PreChek: Provides the client with travel information prior to ticketing. Allows verification of travel policy compliance. Omega World Travel – Kuwait’s system also stores every facet of a PNR in a pre-trip queue for ad hoc querying or pre-trip reporting.
HotelChek: Ensures that negotiated rate is always used when available. Checks for confirmation number and ticketing date validity.
CarChek: Ensures that negotiated rate is always used when available. Checks for confirmation number and ticketing date validity.
Audit checks to meet each client requirements
The lowest available airfares are provided,
All waitlists are cleared,
Preferred seat assignments are found,
Negotiated hotel and car rates are checked,
Travel policy is followed,
Non-compliance is reported prior to travel, and
The continuity of the entire itinerary is correct.

International Quality Control

Qualified agents reserve the requested itinerary with the traveler/travel coordinator, while taking into consideration price, connecting times and time zones. Agents will add supplementary information to the PNR regarding the client’s specific requirements, i.e., “passengers will take advance purchase fare, but must be able to make changes within seven (7) days of departure” or “client requires the least expensive fare regardless of routing.”
Agent first autoprice through the GDS, store the fare and immediately queue the itinerary to Fairmont’s International Rate Desk where all airline GDS systems are accessible.
Fairmont’s International Rate Desk evaluates the combinations of fares in order to take advantage of directional type fares, split ticketing and currency considerations.
Rate desk apply the appropriate client rate if applicable.
Rate desk comply fully with the FTR
Rate desk monitor and advise any restrictions imposed by the client.

Additional Quality control elements

MegaAssure automated quality control system also ensures MIS integrity.

Agresso Central Command: Fairmont’s replicate servers provide backup information in case of system failure.
Communications with Staff: Information communicated daily includes the latest fare changes, airport closings and delays, special airline promotions, possible strikes, new clients and client policy changes.
Daily Bulletin: This is an in-house electronic message transmitted to all Fairmont offices each day.
Computer Queues: Queues are electronic messages stored in the computer system for future recall. Fairmont uses these queues to ensure the integrity of the entire reservation process.
E-Mail: E-mail saves time that would be spent trying to communicate with employees by phone.
Staff Meetings: Fairmont conducts monthly staff and managers’ meetings with its Administrative and Operating Managers.
Repair and Replacement of Equipment: Fairmont maintains a detailed office procedures manual that, among many other topics, describes the procedures to follow when any piece of equipment is not functioning.
Absolute Lowest Fare: Fairmont believes the most important element of its quality programs is providing the absolute lowest fare in compliance with client’s travel policy and also providing the highest degree of personalized service.